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Why Service Design

Me and my product manager from GoBe, Tatiana El-Khouri talk about how we applied a service design process to building the software steaming from a non-profit. #podcast


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Recent Projects

Viking Cruises

We designed the future of cruise planning for Viking Cruises, by preparing for the next generation of cruisers. Find out how new and upcoming technology can revolutionize the pre-cruise experience. #project


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Role Playing & Product Design

During a lecture, I was introduced to Role Playing as a tool for designing products and experiences. This article is a quick overview of how to apply this useful tool. #article

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A way to connect people with causes. Finding volunteer opportunities can be hard, on the other hand, so is getting volunteers; managing volunteers if stressful and leads to burn out. GoBe built a web-app to help solve these pain points.  #project


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A traveling museum exhibition created for Fondazione Achille Castiglioni to assist in creating awareness of Achille Castiglioni and his works through the famous design of the Sella chair. #project


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A digital platform connecting people with support. Come Together utilizes peer to peer support to connect someone in need with someone who understands what they are going through. #project


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Come Together


A light & sound therapy companion. Polipo was created to help develop cognitive and physical abilities of children facing neurological disorders during music therapy treatment. #project


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