Hi, I am Olivia Lucas

Hi, I am Olivia Lucas

I am currently located in Atlanta working as a Human-Centered Researcher and Designer at Skylight and working towards my M.A. in Applied Sociology at UAB. Before that, I spent two years working at Fjord Atlanta. Previously, I graduated with an Interaction Design masters from Domus Academy. Domus is located in Milan, Italy which allowed me time to travel around Europe and gain a ton of inspiration! 


I am passionate about creating beautiful solutions that serve a purpose. I like to improve people's lives through technology and strategy. I discovered Human-Centered Design in 2013 during my brief time at Parsons. And have continued my journey from early-stage startups to agency work, most recently moving from public to private sector to explore social innovation. 


I love what I do. I love to be involved in projects that present me with exciting design challenges and to collaborate with people that inspire me.


Read more about my skills and experience here on my resume. 


Thank you for visiting my portfolio.
— Olivia   


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