Hi, I am Olivia Lucas

All aspects of running a business were part of Olivia's life from when she was young, thanks to her Dad and Grandfather, both successful businessmen. She attributes this to her entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy abilities. 

Olivia is an Atlanta-based Service Designer working with Harmonic Design. She is soon to be Social Scientist, completing her Applied Sociology Master's from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Spring 2022. Previously, Olivia spent three years working as a consultant in Atlanta at Fjord and Skylight.digital. Olivia possesses an Interaction Design M.A. from Domus Academy located in Milan, Italy, providing her the skills and inspiration to be where she is today. 

Olivia is passionate about creating products and services that meet the needs of real people. Her biggest goal is to positively impact the world and leave things better than she found them. Her professional journey spans from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies, and she has had the opportunity to work in almost every industry out there, both public and private. Olivia loves her job, working on projects that present exciting design challenges and collaborating with people who inspire her. She hopes to be a great mentor to those she works with like she has been fortunate enough to find. 

Thank you for visiting my portfolio.
— Olivia 


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