People are busy, and plans are always changing. A lot of times someone has a big meeting they found out about last minute, gets an embarrassing spill or stain or does not have a chance to run home and change before their last minute plans after work. 



Our service will provide them with same day delivery of an item from a local boutique which they can browse inventory, make purchases and track delivery through our app.

Getting Started

To find the best solution to this problem, I developed personas so I could begin interviewing the target user and find a solution that not only there is a need for but that will best fit into these people's lives. 


Interview Guide

These questions were the basic things I would ask to get the conversation rolling. 


1. When is the last time you went shopping for a new outfit, and

2. What prompted you to go?

3. Tell me about a time when you went shopping in a rush?

4. Can you tell me more about the experience?

5. What is your typical routine for going out after work?

6. Did you ever change your clothes at work and can you tell

me about that experience?

7. Did you ever wish you had a change of clothes with you at

work? Why?

Competitive Analysis

By running this exercise I could visually see the competitive landscape, I was able to carve out my space in the market, and identify what features would set Clothesline apart in the industry.

User Flows

This particular user flow is the process of going from logging into buying an item and then tracking delivery. 


With the feedback from my interviews and a clear feature list, I began sketching out what the mobile app would look like visually. For MVP, we would start with a mobile app. 


Using these sketches as a paper prototype, I began testing and receiving feedback to have insights while I spent time building out wireframes. 

Site Map

After performing card sorting to make sure my navigation was in-line with users mental models and testing with paper prototypes I created a site map. 


Next, I built out wireframes to perform more testing as I designed the visual design of the application. This is also helped me plan for a blueprint of what the higher fidelity wireframes would like.


The final step was to build out the wireframes into styled mockups.  

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