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Mental Health Awareness

Encouraging self-care and open dialogue 


As I progressed through my career, I discovered the importance of work-life balance and what it means to be burnt out. On my journey to prevent burnout and find ways to reset, especially after challenging sensitive research projects, I wanted to spread awareness of helpful techniques, start the conversation about mental health, and encourage others to prioritize their health and wellness. 


Using visual design tools like Sketch and Adobe Illustrator, I created a series of visuals that provide an encouraging statement or serve as a prompt to remind individuals to think of self-care and act on different techniques as needed. My initial round of stickers were the round versions that included phrases I found valuable and like to remind myself. As time went on, I began creating additional images for possible future printing. This project is an ongoing hobby where I provide mini design challenges to expand my visual skills while hopefully helping others and myself!

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 People appreciated the techniques discussed. The stickers were a hit, and many added them to their laptops and work areas. Hopefully, this inspires others to prioritize their mental health. 

It will be fantastic to measure if these visual cues contribute to any behavior change. But, in the meantime, I have seen the conversation begin after introducing even just the stickers, which is enough reason for me to keep up with it. 

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