Creating a Service Design Toolkit for Government Clients

Provide a resource for government clients to understand and practice Service Design. 


9 months

Lead Service Designer 

Leadership, Service Designers, Content Designer

The Challenge

During my time at Skylight, a government consultancy, I co-authored a Service Design Toolkit. The need came from a lack of internal alignment around the "Skylight" approach to service design and preferred methods and activities. Additionally, a Department of Defense client at the United States Air Force was undergoing a digital transformation and looking to lean on our Service Design Expertise to support the process and solve problems as they arose. We leveraged our time with the client teaching and completing parts of the Service Design process to compile the content for the toolkit. 

Our Objective: to design a method for sharing Skylight's Service Design process and enable government clients to understand and perform Service Design activities. 

The Process

The toolkit was planned to for the Skylight website, the team collaborated on the document in Google Docs writing and editing content and sharing with leadership on a regular cadence to get feedback and continue progressing forward. 


In a shared Google Document we created an outline and began identifying the activities to highlight. We aligned on the activities we add meet certain requirements such as requiring low skill and Service Design knowledge to execute. 

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Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 2.50.14 PM.png
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Working Sessions

Our core team of authors and editors would meet regularly on predetermined deadlines. To align on the way Skylight approaches Service Design and promote a methodology that could be communicated to our clients,, we worked with leadership presenting several existing frameworks and eventually tailoring the language to fit the Skylight way. 

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The Solution

The final revision is now live on Skylight's website. It features common Service Design methods and activities along with templates and case studies to enable individuals to easy leverage the content and understand through contextual examples. 

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