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Orion Health

Redesigning the patient experience  


During my time at Fjord Atlanta, I worked with a Healthcare company with several hospitals, medical offices, and urgent cares in the Northeast to identify the future of healthcare. The client had not typically taken a patient-first or human-first approach to designing products and services and hired our team to help identify innovative areas and where the industry was heading. 

My role: I worked as a service and interaction design on this project to plan and conduct research, lead and contribute to synthesis, create research artifacts, design and facilitate workshops with the client and patients, and wireframe and prototype the experience.

Other roles: Project Lead, service and interaction designer, and two visual designers. We also worked closely with leaders who managed the client engagement and with memebers of the clients team.


Scoping activities 

  • In-person client meetings to work with our client team to understand the current landscape and their market











  • Contextual Inquiries: conducted in the field we then met with the patients in their homes and conducted a 60 minute interview, then we rode along to their doctor's appointments to enable understanding of their mindset when entering the healthcare ecosystem  

  • Shadowing: several urgent cares (pictured above) some with permission and some anonymously 

  • Working Sessions: with several departments to discuss findings and identify further potential opportunity areas according to employee experts outside of the client team 























Design and Prototype​​

  • Created storyboards and wireframes for a potential end to end experiences  

  • Designed activities and facilitated in-person workshops at the client site to review and adjust concepts, including customers for co-creation 

  • The team decided a video would be best to showcase this future vision for healthcare, this medium would be easy to share throughout the large organization 


  • We scripted the video according to the storyboard and screens created through ideation informed by our research.

  • The video above is white-labeled to conceal the client's information.