People have trouble finding street parking or a garage parking in LA. When they do find street parking, the signs are confusing. Also, a lot of the parking spots are metered and people may forget to feed the meter, and all these can lead to parking tickets.

Interview Guide

1. Do you drive to work?

2. How would you check parking availability prior to parking somewhere?

3. Do you use any apps or websites to assist with parking?

4. What areas of LA did you visit last week by car? Tell me the story about your last experience like finding parking? How long did the process take?

5. What is your biggest concern with parking in Los Angeles?

(5 Whys)

7. In the last month have you parked in a parking garage?

8. How did you find the parking garage?

9. What are your main concerns when parking in a parking garage?

10. Have you gotten a parking ticket in the last year? What happened with that?

11. On average, how many parking tickets do you get per year?

12. Tell me about the last time you did not go to an event or place becuase of the parking.


To target the correct user we first developed a ton of personas because parking in Los Angeles is terrible for just about everyone over the age of 16. We then refined our personas into these 4 archetypes which gave us and idea of who to interview. 

Competitive Analysis

By visualizing our features in relation to similar applications we were able to find where we differentiated and provided value to our users and validate our assumptions of the need for our product.

User Flows 

We created 4 user flows to show the process or the user completed these 4 different tasks. 


Together, we worked out what the processes would look like within the actual application. 

Site Map

In an effort to keep the experience as simple as possible we decided to not even have a sign up for MVP. We would add customation into the profile in the form of avatars later on after the MVP release. 


Next, we designed these wireframes in Balsamic. We would design, prototype and iterate based on feedback. 

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