Product Overview

Syrup is a SaaS platform for Startups. It cuts out the time spent writing investor reports and conducting meetings by keeping the investor informed every step of the way. Syrup is also a roadmap for startups. By following “recipes,” the startup can build its way to success.


When I joined the team as lead UX Designer, Syrup was already a product. Syrup is a web app software built using mobile first, lean, and agile methodologies.


Up until February 2016, I worked to evolve the service through addressing customer pain‐points and keeping the product in line with the Entrepreneurs business goals and overall vision.


Getting Started

I performed a Heuristic Evaluation of syrup and familiarized myself with the product. Then interviewed the entrepreneur to align myself with business goals and product vision. From there we refined the personas and began iterating on the current design, rapid prototyping, and testing. 

Syrup Navigation and Team Members Photo with Feature Highlight of Last Login
Syrup Moblile Ingredient List
Mobile Hamburger Menu


Syrup did not have a clear navigation. After creating several different prototype soultions a header nav on desktop and a hamburger menu for mobile proved to be the best solutions. We also found it was important to have the team members in clear view for the product owners and investors. We added a thumbnail of their profile picture and a feature that when you hover it displays their name, position, last login date and time. 

Ingredient List

In redesigning the ingredient list we made changes to align the design with the users mental models of a checklist. Prior to redesign all items had check marks next to it and to update the ingredient you would click the check mark. Now to update the ingredient you would click the circle next to the ingredient. We also took a useful hidden feature, the add ingredient tool and put it right on the ingredient page. Now it was a more clear and simpler process. 

Syrup Feed Iteration 1
Syrup Feed Iteration 2

Update From Feed

A pain point for current users was the process for updating ingredients.  We made this process easier by adding a quick update from the feed. Here the user could attach images and write a description; then they would choose the corresponding ingredient and post to the feed. Our first iteration appears in the top image the second iteration appears in the second image.

Syrup Manage Integrations Page


Adding integrations was vital to bringing value to Syrup. Due to the numerous tools startups currently use we wanted a product that worked well with their current workflow. By adding in integrations we allowed the product team to have all updates in real time in one place. 

Syrup Metrics Page
Syrup Add Metrics Modal


On this page the team could add AARRR or Pirate Metrics to keep track of their metrics. 

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