Personalizing the physical and digital experience

The Home Depot Company 


During my time at Fjord Atlanta, I worked with Marxent a 3D software provider on a brief for The Home Depot Company. To showcase the features of their 3D software and our fresh ideas for The Home Depot Company our team, consisting of two Service and Interaction Designers, and an Illustrator storyboarded the experience and wrote an initial script. We then met with top executives and the Marxent team for feedback. Marxent's design director then created the initial version of the video and we provided feedback and support to finalize and complete it.  The purpose of this video was to win work, concepts were based off secondary research only. 

My role: I managed the project and the different parties involved to get feedback and alignment on a path forward, I co-built the story board after performing secondary research, wrote the initial script, and edited parts of the video. 

Other roles: Managing director, account executives, external partners, service designer, an illustrator.